Working For A Better Stokes County

Working For A Better Stokes County

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We attended the West Stokes Swim team banguet tonight. We have had a child on the swim team 4 of the last 5 years. Every year we watch as these sports that dont get the attention that the other sports get, with coaches that have to be begged to coach, have enormous impact on these kids. The young girl that did coach said she agreed to do it at the last minute but did a great job and seemed to really enjoy working with the kids. They learn Sportsmanship, Teamwork etc along with getting great workouts. The boys team won the conference sportsmanship award .
It always makes me feel something is wrong with the emphasis we put on certain sports and the financial support they receive compared to what we do for other sports. It seems to me that if our goal is to create healthy adults sports like swimming, cross country and tennis would more important. The people I know that played alot of football when we were younger seemed to be much more prone to be suffering from "old football injuries "as adults. While the adults that played these other sports seem to be much healthier.

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Anonymous said...

Zollie, I agree with the common sense in your athletics perspective. Tennis, running and swimming are sports that many folks in their 80's enjoy.

When was the last time you saw an 85 year old football or baseball player?

You have an excellent point that I have not ever heard mentioned before by a candidate!

-a new Zollie fan